Infirmary v2

The Infirmary

In 1999 the Sheboygan County Hospital for the Criminally Insane was shut down. Budget constraints and the looming threat of Y2K forced the county to shutter the building and move the inmates elsewhere.  That was the last time the notorious Medical Director, Dr. Nelson was seen.

Players in this game are a team of contractors who have been tasked with assessing what it would take to bring the building back into commission.  Upon entering the infirmary, the room where Dr. Nelson performed his electroshock therapy experiments on the inmates, the door behind you slams shut.

You are rats in his maze.  You will have one hour to escape with your lives or you will become his next batch of test subjects.

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Sooth V02 Final

An old-world carnival has rolled into Sheboygan, filling the downtown with a motley ensemble of troupers, troubadours, and tricksters. As you and your friends wend your way through the makeshift encampment, you feel drawn to its darkest corner. There a ramshackle wooden hut stands before. As the door swings open and you enter, you notice a single word scratched above its frame, “Soothsayer”.

Within, a wretched woman greets you from behind a moldy book. “My foretelling is complete,” she rattles and snaps the books shut. “I have been expecting you.” Dust cascades from the ceiling as the door slams behind you. “If you learn my True Name, you will unlock my power and will have my leave to go. If you don’t…” The hag’s voice trails off as she gestures to a collection of pressed flowers. “If you don’t, you will join my collection.”

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